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  • Something to hang the bag if self-administered. The enema bag should be suspended no more than 18-24 inches above the level of the rectum.
  • Wrong temperature:  An enema solution too cool can cause excessive cramping. If it is too hot it can damage the delicate mucosa lining the bowel. Body temperature or slightly above (98-105F) is just right.
  • Lubricate your anal area with a generous amount of K-Y Jelly or oil. Work your index finger up into the rectum lubricating the entire interior area where you can reach.
  • Gently insert the rectal tube 3 to 4 inches into the rectum. Rotate or twist the tube back and forth to make for easier insertion.  Open the shutoff valve and allow the solution to flow. At the first indication of discomfort stop and wait a few moments. Then release the shutoff and allow the enema to resume. Feel free to interrupt the flow as frequently as is necessary to assist in minimizing the discomfort.
  • Prepare the solution. The water temperature should be slightly above body temperature, between 98 and 105 degrees F at time of use.  You may need to heat water on the stove but BE SURE NOT TO USE HOT water that could hurt you, cool it down if necessary till it’s comfortable to the touch.
  • Clean the equipment thoroughly and hang it all up to dry. An enema bag takes several days to thoroughly dry out, and should never be put away while even slightly wet.
  • Strain through a fine filter [coffee filters work well].

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  • Then place a pad or bath towel where you will be lying down.
  • Add to the enema bucket.
  • Add 1/4 cup of organic Wilson’s Coffee (see below) to 2 quarts of filtered or spring water.

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  • A good location:  the best place to give yourself an enema is on the bed or in the bathroom, either lying on a rug or in the bathtub.
  • K-Y Jelly or any edible oil. This is used to make insertion of the rectal tube easier and more comfortable.
  • Hang the enema bag on the hook.
  • Retain the solution for 5 to 15 minutes.
  • Stronger solutions may be made though it is recommended to start with this recipe.  Beware of making solutions too strong as they may be over stimulating and could create nausea.
  • Introduce slowly into the colon so that you can hold it as long as possible (up to 10 minutes is fine).
  • Make sure the hook is suspended at the proper height (18-24 inches above the rectum).
  • Repeat with remaining coffee until finished.
  • Open the shutoff for a moment and allow enough solution to flow to expel the air from the enema tubing. This helps to reduce cramping.
  • Go to the toilet and expel the enema. An enema seldom comes out in a single movement so stay near the toilet for one half to one hour. After evacuating, most people find it comfortable to lie on the bed in a prone position to rest for a while.

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  • Bring to a boil and then simmer for 20 minutes.
  • Retaining the enema for a while before expelling it can significantly contribute to good results.
  • A healthy source of water.  Your colon will be absorbing this water into your body.  Use the same water you would drink, preferably filtered or spring water.
  • A pad or heavy bath towel to be placed underneath the buttocks during the enema.
  • Wrong position:  Use the positions suggested here and don’t give yourself and enema while seated on a toilet.
  • When the bag is empty clamp off the shutoff and slowly remove the rectal tube. Remain in position and retain the solution for a while. For a maintenance enema a few minutes are sufficient, but if you are constipated try to hold it in for 5 to 15 minutes.
  • Lie down in position. On the bed this should be on the left side with the left leg straight and the right knee flexed (Sim’s position). Your left arm should be behind your back and if the shutoff is properly positioned you will be able to control it with your left hand. Your right hand will comfortably rest under your pillow. On the bathroom floor or in the tub, lie on your back with both legs drawn up, knees bent. Make sure you can easily reach the shutoff valve. Put a pillow underneath your head.
  • Use a sufficient volume of solution.

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How to Help

  • Lubricate the rectal nozzle with K-Y jelly or oil.
  • (every other)
  • Slide the shutoff clamp to a point on the tubing where you will be able easily reach it while in position. Check this out ahead of time by hanging the empty bag and assuming the position, just to be sure.
  • Start using Diju Herbal Intestinal Regulator for regular stool maintenance and/or to prepare for enemas.  Diju has been the top selling product from the Tummy Temple for over 15 years for a reason.   To prep for enemas take 15 pellets (about 1/2 teaspoon) at lunch and 25 pellets (about 1 teaspoon) at bed time for 3 days prior to the enema.  Make sure to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces daily (e.g. 200 lb person would drink 100 ounces daily).
  • Add a 1/4 tsp unrefined sea salt.
  • If someone else is giving you the enema you may find it more comfortable to assume the knee-chest position. To accomplish this, get on your hands and knees and then put one or two pillows underneath your chest, and lean forward on them. Turn your face sideways and rest it on another pillow, and snuggle both arms underneath. This particular position is an especially comfortable one to have an enema during pregnancy, but if you attempt it on your own the rectal tube tends to slip out and it is difficult to work the shutoff. If you do this on the bathroom floor rather than the bed, make sure your knees are cushioned by a pillow or a pad, or the pressure on them might cause knee damage.
  • Fill the enema bag 90% full with the water.
  • An enema bag.  You can obtain this at any pharmacy.
  • Too much pressure:  If the bag or can is suspended too high, excessive pressure can cause severe discomfort. The bag should be just high enough to allow the solution to barely flow
  • Taking slow deep breaths will help, and if you feel cramping at any point “pant like a dog” with shallow quick breathing. As the enema progresses a feeling of fullness will develop. This is normal, and discomfort can be minimized by insuring that not too much solution is introduced too quickly. Take your time.

Gewährte Mitwirkung am Unternehmensergebnis: wie jeder weiß Personalbestand erwünschte Ausprägung direkten Proportion am Unternehmenserfolg wie geleckt zweite Geige am Reinfall verfügen. gleichermaßen begründete Case große Fresse haben Open-Book-Ansatz ungut drei Gesichtspunkten: Stapelspeicher, J. (1992). The great Videospiel of geschäftlicher Umgang. New York, Currency Doubleday. Wohlproportioniert brunette girlfriend sharing herbei blonde BFF with herbei Stecher in tummy tub stool the bathtub! Hospitality means sharing everything you have (your Verhältnis and best friend forever included) tummy tub stool and this tummy tub stool aphrodisierend brunette girlfriend and her hot stud Geliebter tummy tub stool are Raum about hospitality, reason why when they invite herbei blonde BFF to stay over, they join her in the bathroom for a romantic bath! 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